Go Canoeing Team Take On The Trent Loop Challenge

As part of National Go Canoeing Week, our very own Go Canoeing team decided to take on the Trent Loop Challenge and show their support for the campaign.

Cadi Lambert, Go Canoeing Development Officer, and Craig Duff, Go Canoeing Support Officer, have taken on the Trent Loop, with the aim to complete the challenge in three hours, as they look to log their miles towards the 30,000 target.

The pair in fact completed the challenge in a whopping 2 hours 13 minutes, flying them to the top of the Trent Loop leaderboard!

The Trent Loop Challenge is not to be underestimated. It can be done as a leisurely day out on river and canal but with three portages and at almost fourteen miles in length, it’s no mean feat!

This is the first time the pair have taken on the Trent Loop Challenge, and the first time Cadi has paddled more than seven miles consecutively. 

Cadi told us, "Craig and I were really excited to take on the Trent Loop Challenge. There is no better week to complete a new challenge than National Go Canoeing Week.

For me, it really was a challenge, as I had never paddled more than seven miles in one go, so to do double that is a big achievement.

“Despite that, we did the loop in 2 hours 18 minutes which is the quickest it has been done. However, the important thing is that we log our miles at the end to go towards that 30,000 mile target.”

Why not take on the Trent Loop Challenge yourself ? It’s a great day out on the water.

If you’re not local, the Trent Loop Challenge is available to take on all year round, so make sure you come down to Nottingham and give it a go.

To read our full paddlers stories and find out more about the Trent Loop Challenge visit our Challenge Route Pages. https://www.britishcanoeing.org.uk/go-canoeing/trails-challenges/challenge-routes/

National Go Canoeing Week encourages people of all ages to get active on the water. Whether they are novices or experts, there is something for everyone.

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