Michaela Strachan joins us for National Go Canoeing Week 2018!

Michaela Strachan, the wildlife presenter and outdoor enthusiast famed for her work on programs such as The Really Wild Show, Countryfile and Springwatch is joining us this year as an ambassador for National Go Canoeing Week 2018!

Michaela joined us on the banks of the River Thames at Wokingham Waterside Centre ahead of National Go Canoeing Week to chat about all things paddling (and even attempted a hand stand challenge on a stand up paddle board)!

Hi Michaela! Our theme for National Go Canoeing Week is The Big Adventure…so as a lover of the outdoors, why is paddling so great for an adventure?

"Canoeing is the perfect way to have an adventurous day out. You can put your picnic in, put the children in, put the dog in if you've got one and off you go down the river and have a great day out.

"You can be a complete beginner and completely enjoy it or really experienced and completely enjoy it. That’s whats so great - there are so many different levels of paddling."

You mention canoeing is great for everyone, even complete beginners. What advice and top tips would you give to someone who has never tried any paddling before?

"With anything, if you've not tried it before sometimes you need a reason to give it a go and that’s why National Go Canoeing Week is brilliant, because it gives you a push. It’s a reason to try it! Always take opportunities, if you have the chance to try paddling for the first time, get out on the water."

"We live such busy lives with a constant bombardment of technology, its fantastic to separate that and connect with the natural environment. You can do that in such a great way out on the water, it’s very peaceful and a great way of calming your mind down and having a stress free day out."

We’ll be hearing more from Michaela throughout National Go Canoeing Week! If you’ve been inspired by Mikaela to take to the water, find an activity near you

Log your miles throughout the week and be in with the chance of winning one of our fantastic prizes!

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